​Playlist - BreezeRockSoul (Day)

Being the musicophile that I am, I have a tendency to play a wide selection of music during the course of driving each night. I listen to pretty much every genre of music aside from Classical and Death Metal. Though I usually don't really pay attention to my passengers reactions, I usually try to stay away from any song that uses a ton of profanity and/or the N-Word. In the very least it just comes off as unprofessional; people just want to get to their destination, they're not trying hear how some b*tch a** n*gg* can suck their m*ther*f*ck*ng d*ck... and I don't blame them.  

One night in particular I listened to nothing but Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Grunge Rock and Hard Rock for a good six hours straight. By the time the sun came up, right about the time I was all but "rocked" out,  I picked up a group of seemingly cool and progressive African American twenty somethings. Both occurrences inspired me to involuntary (and noticeably) change my playlist to Solange's "A Seat At The Table" to wit the guy in the front seat asked, "Do you switch up your music to fit the people you pick up? Be honest."

I answered honestly, "Not really, I just play what I play and hope for the best. I mean a typical ride is usually under 15 minutes so I figure it's not a big deal. But I can tell you I've been listening to Foreigner all night and I can definitely use the break right now."  

But ever since he asked the question I have been more keen to people's reactions to my music which has been everything from complete and utter hatred to an exchanging of phone numbers so we can sit together when Ani DiFranco comes to town.  

I thought it would be cool to post a few playlists that I've made that have helped me stay awake, focused and motivated to keep driving through the night. This list in particular, the "BreezeRockSoul" list, is a mixture of Blue-Eyed Soul, Brown Eyed Rock that seems to please everybody so far. It's only a fraction of the actual playlist and I suggest playing it in the daytime, I think it's a bit too "Adult Contemporary Radio" for the nighttime millenials, but I actually dig it.